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Sesja zdjęciowa - Nowy rozdział

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Bio - english version

Ziyo comes from Tarnow, a small unique and spirit city in the south of Poland.
The band was established in 1984.
In the summer of 1986, ZIYO played at Jarocin Festival and since that time they succeeded with a huge recognition of their music in the polish music industry.
In 1987 Ziyo performed at Mokotowska Polska Jesien Festival making the band achieve the festivals top headlining act of the competition. Their songs: "I don't know" and "Sigh" become very popular on the polish radio bringing along with them new success.

In 1989 Ziyo has released the debut album "Ziyo" which establish band position in the polish music industry. Album includes hits like: "Graffiti", "Mr. President" and "Under one sky". Ziyo continues playing on every important festival in Poland: FPP Opole, FMR Jarocin, Festiwal Zycia, Odjazdy, Rock Atak, Rób Reaggae, Fama, Rockowisko and Sopot.

"Welcome to the theatre of the shadows" - second album Ziyo was released in year 1990 and includes hits like: "The place where a man become gods", "There is no place to go" and "Closer to the stars (Islands)".

1991 Ziyo released the album "Gloria". All the songs on the album were sung in English, modernizing for the polish music industry although, the album was criticized for the style of music which was similar like the band U2. Album includes hits like: "War Colours" and "I Was Born to Be Free".

In year 1992 Ziyo released the album „Carols" which consists of eleven Christmas songs in rock arrangements. Modern rock versions of Carols become very popular in the country. Ziyo was the first band in Poland who bravery record Carols as a rock songs.

In September 1993 Ziyo started to prepare material for the album calls "Tetris" which brought to Ziyo the biggest fame. The single "Magic words" became the hit in polish radios and television. In summer 1994 Ziyo is playing around 180 concerts making a promotion of the album.
In summing up for 1994 year "Magic words" is on fourth position in main competition of Polish Radio. Album also includes the hits like: "Isabelle" and "Two suns".

1996 and 1997 this is concerts time and preparation a new album "Spectrum" which appeared in the end of 1998 year promoted by single "Deja Vu 1986".

In 1999 Ziyo is playing at Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy (WOSP the biggest Polish charity music event) three shows in the same day: Krakow, Nowy Sacz and Skoczow.

In 2001, a greatest hits album was released named "Exlibris-magic songs" from 1986 - 2000. After the album was released, the band decided to head out for a break lasting for three years apart.
In the middle of 2005, Ziyo surprised fans with a brand new album "Popburger". A new modern electronic music style is a bit different than Ziyo's older music, however fans positively criticized the album. Album includes hits like: "Phoenix" and "Popburger".

The latest album "Puzzle" was released in March 2009. All songs and lyrics are written by the leader Jerzy Dural (who is with Ziyo from the beginning) with the exception of the bonus track "Dancing with tears in my eyes" group Ultravox. Album "Puzzle" has received nomination in the category of a record of the year" in the plebiscite Superjedynki.
The Album includes hits like: "Sms 636", "T...M...K..." and "Poste restante".


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