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Gloria ang - texty



I see the people rushing in darkness
drowning in the returning wave of poison
Your tommorow won't bring anything
your tommorow won't change anything
I hear voices in the jungle of still days
I stlill hear the same old song
Your tomorrow...
The hue of the sky is different here
and the sun doesn't shine for all of us
So many fools have lost everything here
so many loonies regained life
Love doesn't come without fight
but the future lies in our hands
So hold on to love
hold on to faith
You have to bear your cross
in the land of pain
We're like wind
We're so strong


I carry in my hands a white rose for you
you're so far away
Do you thing there's no place for us in heaven
One day
I'll take you where love doesn't bring hate
One day I'll take there
I look at you
I wait for your love
I listening to your heart
like to the song of my life
I carry a flower I'm thirsty and naked
You're my river in which I'll slake my thirst
One day I'll show the place
where you can't hear children's cry
One day I'll show you the garden
where water doesn't turn into gold
I look for you
I wait for your loveI'm looking into your eyes
and there see the light -blue sky
another day without you in a big city
I still look for you in a big city
I roam the streets of a big city
you're so far away
I look out of the window
the sky's cryning


I was where everything riots against God
there I learned to live and love
I came back to hide under your wings
It's so good to wake up in your arms
It's so good to be a child in your arms
and there's so much I want to tell you
but how-when we still run away from each other
Do you remember the first fire we felt
can we regain it tonight with you
She's like a river
She's like drug
and there's so much
I want to tell you
but how when we still run away
Save your love
save your life
We had to go a long way
to get stuck at the cross-roads
Save your soul
save yourself
We'll find the spring of truth on a desert
we'll wash our hands


You used to say:"Don't risk your neck"
I know you meant well
but I can't watch birds being shot down
You've taught me how to pray
you've taught me God
but it's only now that I know how much can be
You wanted to keep me at your side
I know you meant well
but I needed a woman
When you gave me first money
I know you meant well
I learned the taste of alcohol
Do you hear me
I want to atone for my sins
Do you hear me
that's all I want I really want
that's all I need I really need
I can't be here
it isn't my home
I keep on running away
Don't stop me now
when I get on a midnight train
Don't stop me now
when I want to go my way
when I try to find my way


There's so little left
of the old question about the essence
for too long everything's been still
for too long I've been alone
So I 'd like you to be here
when I find my place
and you
I 'd like you to be here
when we go this way together




We spent millions of years
in the shades of stony statues of prominent Gods
We washed our hearts in raindrops
and we cleaned them in the rain
We build houses on the rim of the clouds
and we made sacrifices to the Gods of war
in thunder and lightning we heard the beathing of our hearts
We built temples on rocky cliffs
and stirred up wars for peace
in sunshine we were searching for real life
in moonlight we waited for a down
For ages we raised our eyes to the sky
seeking shelter for our mistrust
We burnt crosses hogh over our heads
and danced the dance of war in the name of truth
but we didn't understand that
We've been waiting so long in the shade of the cracked stone slabs
Now, the new day's coming
for you and me
so open your eyes and open your heart
faith can move the mountains
faith can make you walk on water
I believe love will heat your heart and melt its ice
I believe that paradise will be born in your hearts paradise on earth
I believe in the light that will illumine your faces
I believe in the colours your eyes've never seen
I believe in the sounds you've never heard
I trust your love
I believe in my love
I believe God hasn't forgotten you
if you hear His voice - sing: Gloria


She was like many others
but I saw myself mirrored in her eyes
she wanted to know my name
she wanted to know my thoughts
I told her nothing
becouse I knew what she wanted to know
She was like fire
she was like fire in the wind
I could burn in her arms
I could believe in any lie
but I didn't tell her the truth
because I didn't know if I 'd meet her again
She was like....
I've got no name
but you can stay with me tonight
You can stay here in my garden of love
stay with me
dance with me
stay here with me tonight
We'll light the fire of love
Dance with me
maybe I'll find the answer
dance with me
like fire in the wind


If I could get rid of the past
and be born anew
feel like a child watching the rainbow in the sky
I want to be free
I want to be free
I want to be free
to be free
I was born to be free
I want to be free
I want to be free
to be free
If I could get rid of the sins of my youth
and begin once more
feel like a child strolling on the rainbow in the sky


I see blood on your hands
I see hate in your heart
I see war-colours on your face
I see a crazy spark in your eyes
I see fire you're carrying over your head
in the name of what God is this crusade
You come carrying a new law on the shield
You come to sew the seed of evil
at the bottom of a golden hill
I' m waiting for the rain
like a gift from heaven
I'm waiting for the rain
that will wipe from your face colours of war


I look at you
and I can't believe
that you listen but not hear
I look at you
and I can't understand why you fight
when the war is over



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